How do agencies use Call Tracking Software to drive more leads?

The trend towards accountability and data-driven results continues to grow. Businesses want to see measurable results from their marketing investment. They want to know what works and what doesn’t so that they can make more effective marketing decisions.

As an agency, you have clients relying on you to deliver results for their marketing efforts. Call tracking enables you to have full accountability for the source of your client’s success, breaking down the performance of different online channels to provide your clients with more granular information. By tracking paid campaigns, you can improve your clients’ return on investment through sophisticated attribution that takes the timestamps and locations of leads into account.

Call Tracking software gives you access to all the data you need to prove the performance of your clients’ marketing campaigns.

As an agency it is essential that online marketing campaigns track customer calls and conversions so that the data reflects an accurate representation of the results. It’s beneficial to have this tool as part of your package so that when you’re pitching to clients you can demonstrate that you have innovative methods to accurately measure marketing campaign progress.

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Achieve Winning Results for Your Clients

When running Digital Marketing Campaigns such as Google Adwords (PPC), Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads, you and your clients certainly want to know to how many users are calling, know which campaigns are actually working and which keywords are triggering those calls, making your phone ring – All this will surely help you optimize your digital marketing dollars.

“Without Accurate Call Analytics Your Clients Are Missing Out On Valuable Data”

An AI powered Customer Call Tracking System lets you setup call tracking for clients and integrate their call data with your testing and analytics applications within minutes, so you can demonstrate a clear ROI picture, retain more clients and grow your agency.

“FreeCallTracking.AI provides Solutions to Agencies to manage their clients effortlessly and impressively.”

What Is A Call Tracking Software?

A call tracking software is that which analyzes, records & monitors all customer calls with advanced features like keyword-level-attribution, dynamic number insertion, call routing, real-time reporting & a dashboard with Insights, lead scoring, displaying caller timeline, etc.

Call Tracking – Key Benefits: 

  • More accurate measurement of your client’s campaign performance. 
  • Link digital marketing to inbound phone calls / sales for measuring ROI.
  • Prioritize campaign spend based on more accurate measurement.

Consider call tracking to improve customer success because you can – 

  • Attribute phone calls down to the keyword level to optimize your client’s campaigns, increase conversions and lower their cost per acquisition. 
  • Manage all your channels in one place and discover the marketing campaigns that drive targeted traffic. 
  • Route calls seamlessly.
  • Measures call length, conversion rates & other crucial business stats through our real-time reporting feature.
  • Gain critical knowledge of the caller’s current context.
  • Personalize customer support.
  • Create dynamic phone numbers to track concurrent leads.
  • Optimize social media ads, marketing and call agent efficiency.
  • Easily track and resolve customer service issues and reduce call times.

A free marketing tracking software will provide you with details to increase your client’s ROI, help client retention and add value as well as boost your business drastically!

 “Call Tracking Software for Agencies to drive more leads”

Tracking customer phone calls improves the way companies care for their customers and directly impacts customer satisfaction as well as their business’ growth.

Features of an AI Powered Call Tracking Software Detailed

– Call Tracking

Track phone calls from all digital and advertising platforms – Know which sources drive higher conversion and generate leads.

– Call Analytics

Analyse if phone call conversations turn to leads & conversions – Call analytics help you focus on the calls that drive high converting calls.

– Call Monitoring

Know which channel generates those calls which lead to conversion. A call tracking system can be integrated with most marketing platforms which provides detailed information of each visitor, potential customers, missed targets, leads generated, sales projected and a lot more.

– Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding or call diversion or call routing is a feature which redirects all inbound calls coming from various sources to a chosen destination. With a call forwarding service you can seamlessly route calls to any device.

– Call Recording

Call recording software is an easy and inexpensive way to monitor your business. Measure the overall performance of a staff member by listening to the recorded calls. It provides you with a wealth of data and there are numerous ways to utilize that information. 

– Call Notifications

This software gets you updates about every received, answered, missed and abandoned call instantly via automated email notifications. This email alert delivers detailed information like caller contact number, time & date of the call, source of the lead, the landing page, etc. about every inbound call right into your inbox thus empowering you to manage your business efficiently.

– Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a call tracking feature that enables you to change your business phone numbers dynamically on your website based on the marketing source. It allows users to trace which sources are generating phone calls, leads and conversions.

– Keyword Level Tracking

AI Powered Free Call Tracking software with the insightful keyword level tracking tells you the exact keywords that the visitor used while searching for your website in the various platforms viz., sponsored campaigns (PPC), social media (facebook, twitter, etc.), Search Engine Optimization (Google listing) or any other channel.

– Agency Lead Reporting / Realtime Reporting

As a marketing agency, you’re spending your clients marketing budget on activities that must show return on your clients’ investment. A customer call tracking system quickly creates real-time reports fetching easy insights into statistical data about your website performance and advertising strategies. Take your agency to the next level with AI powered lead reporting.

– Caller Timeline & Insights

Create a callers’ database of the calls tracked. Our AI Powered call tracking platform provides you with a complete caller history, timeline and insights into the callers outreach to the business as well. Also with a call tracking system in place, you can count on the number of call conversions through various marketing channels: Know overall call volume of your business being missed, received or connected. Call tracking systems are designed to facilitate all these aspects.

– ROI Dashboard

An ROI dashboard provides you with comprehensive call statistics data for all the inbound calls so you can have a clear view of what sources drive leads, get the best response, generate business and get the maximum returns on investment so that you can accurately measure, analyze and optimize your campaigns. 

Let’s raise the bar, exceed expectations & build strong businesses together.

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