Why is Call Tracking important in 2021?

Phone calls are a critical component of gaining new business for a variety of companies across multiple industries. Calls are the most important lead type for many businesses, often worth 5-10 times as much as form-fill leads. Many of them are using paid search to gain traffic to their websites, which often is what leads to these calls occurring in the first place. Call tracking is the line that separates businesses that know where they are, and those that go about their marketing campaigns impetuously.

Significance of Call Tracking in 2021:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, there has never been a more pressing need for organizations to rethink and reconfigure their businesses for a changed world. Now’s the time for organizations to focus their efforts on supporting key areas of their businesses that will help them to stabilize in the new environment and strategies for what’s next. From small to large businesses, industries have begun to take advantage of their inbound phone calls to gain insight into their customer’s needs. As smartphone usage and online shopping become more widespread, it’s up to businesses to fill in these new information gaps through call tracking.


Phone number tracking during Covid-19

Regardless of advertising budgets all businesses dealing with inbound calls should be using call tracking to help optimize their advertisement effectiveness. Even small businesses receiving less than 100 calls per month benefit from gathering customer profiles and engagements to better understand where their customers are coming from, and learn where they should be targeting their advertising efforts to drive more future sales to their business.

On the other end of the spectrum, large businesses who handle thousands of calls a month (or more) rely on call tracking to help organize and handle the large volume of calls effectively. It offers several features that can benefit an enterprise company.

  • Helping businesses manage large call volumes
  • Lowering advertising overhead by boosting audience targeting efficiency
  • Improving sales conversions by scaling their productivity.

Call Tracking For Marketing Analytics:

Marketing is key to promoting your business, creating brand awareness and ultimately driving inbound enquiries. There are many different ways to do this, but how do you know where the enquiries are originating from and which is your most effective method of generating leads. Marketing analytics refers to the practice of measuring and analyzing marketing campaigns using various tools to uncover crucial data that can help you optimize results. By integrating call tracking in your business, you can view the performance of your online and offline  marketing campaigns tracking various metrics. 

A call tracking software provides a clear picture of your customers’ calling behavior and the results of your marketing efforts. Call tracking involves assigning a unique phone number to each of your marketing campaigns. Inbound calls from the number are then tracked through special software that can be customized for your needs. The software provides in-depth call analytics for both online and offline marketing campaigns.

Call tracking for small businesses can have a major impact on the upcoming success or failure of your company. With evolving technology, it might not seem so important to gather offline analytics. However, any business that answers customer phone calls should analyze and track those calls so they understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Phone calls remain one of the most valuable types of marketing leads.

Benefits of Call Tracking:

  • In-depth Insight On Your Marketing ROI:
    With call tracking, you know exactly which of your advertising sources are creating good leads and improving your conversion rates.
  • Keeping Up With Smartphone Usage:
    Smartphones have changed buyer behavior. In a way, it has muddled up the accepted notion that web ads lead to clicks and online conversion. Because with smartphones, the conversion could still be over the phone.
  • Better Caller Experience:
    Call tracking, when integrated with your call recording system, puts important information about the caller upfront. You know their location, product of interest and call history. You might even know how they’ve engaged with you through your website and social media presence. This information can be used to improve the caller experience. 
  • Tracking Offline Engagements:
    Call tracking helps you keep track of your offline marketing channels such as TV, radio, billboards, brochure etc. With assigned call tracking number you can retrieve which offline source is making a lead call.
  • You don’t need to change your existing equipment:
    Call tracking solutions can be used with any  telephone system, which makes your life far easier and keeps the costs low. You will not have to change your current number either, instead setting up additional, unique numbers that can be rerouted to your existing line. Allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns that are used with those numbers.
  • Handle more calls through call tagging, tracking and call routing:
    Call tracking reduces workload, eliminates ineffective advertising costs, and guides sales teams through any call to ensure they always have all the information needed to convert a call quickly and effectively.
  • Gather granular data to better control your ad-spend budget:
    Advertisements are expensive, and as more consumers move towards online shopping, the cost of customer acquisition becomes increasingly more competitive for all businesses. The battle for consumer attention is ramping up, and whether on social media, search engines or traditional advertising mediums, ad expenses are climbing quickly, and the cost of branding and customer acquisition is rising with it. Use call tracking and sales attribution to discontinue ineffective advertisements and put that money towards better performing keywords or demographics, scaling marketing effectiveness and making the most of advertising budget.
  • Boost outreach through multi-channel marketing:
    Call tracking can help businesses target key audiences through localization, boosting impressions and sales. By segmenting customers based on tagged attributes, companies have an advantage when connecting with those unique customers to serve them.

Some of the features of  our Call Tracking software include:

FreeCallTracking.AI features can help to improve your marketing campaigns and, ultimately, your business ROI.

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