How Call Tracking Software helps in Sales?

Despite the rise of digital marketing channels, the effectiveness of using the telephone for customer outreach and acquisition cannot be underestimated. Some prospects will contact your business through email or social media sites. However, some of the most valuable prospects are callers. To scale your business, it is important to have a robust call tracking strategy for lead acquisition and management. The strategy should be well supported by your marketing technology stack.

Call tracking enables you to use a different number on each form of marketing, both online and offline. It helps track calls received from individual numbers on your websites or web pages, monitor call traffic received from your newspaper advertising or leaflet drops, and analyze call traffic alongside web traffic by viewing online call stats in real time. Call tracking can analyze prospective leads from impression to sale so companies can get the full sales attribution picture. When implementing marketing and sales campaigns for your business, you can benefit immensely from data-driven call tracking and analytics solutions.

Phone number traking to increase sales

Call tracking strategies that you can implement to scale your business quickly:

  1. Automatic Call Management: Automated call management will help you scale your business through successful call campaigns and help your business get the best ROI from each call campaign.                  
  2. Geo-Tagging: Call tracking can map out the most promising new locations where you can take your business.
  3. Lead Segmentation and Routing: Through call routing and segmentation, a feature found in the call tracking software, you can route all valuable leads to a center where they will find a person to talk to.
  4. Implement Online Call-Only Campaigns: Call-only campaigns allow customers to call your business from the website or app where they see your ad. 
  5. Lead Targeting and Retargeting: Create profiles for different leads for targeting and retargeting purposes with call tracking and analytics.
  6. Improve Customer Service: A happy customer who you can retarget is highly valuable. Using call tracking software you can route the callers to the best agent for their specific case or segment each type of case to a particular team.
  7. Reduce Costs: Call tracking can help you identify those marketing campaigns that are costing your business money and thus help you optimize your ad budget. 
  8. Identify Lost Leads: With call tracking software you can find out why some leads don’t convert.
  9. Integrate Call Tracking with Existing Systems: Modern call tracking software can integrate with other systems and platforms and help you make the best of each marketing activity in your business.

Driving your business to a new level of success by monitoring the source of your telephone sales leads.

Identifying the source of a sales lead is key to refining business performance and increasing the level of interest in your products and services. After all, knowing which marketing channels are working better than others enables you to focus your attention and your resources on optimizing your promotions. Monitoring the source of telephone sales leads is simple, call tracking services provide you with everything you need to deliver better performance in your digital marketing activities.

  • With a pool of numbers allowing you to detect unlimited arbitrary values from your landing page URL, helping you determine which clicks are resulting in the most profitable calls.
  • Real-time page tracking enables our users to send data from site to site, analyzing the sales journey of leads to paint a descriptive picture of their sales funnel. 
  • Certain keywords, advertisements, or search queries led to higher sales margins and more successful conversions.

Importance of Call Tracking for Your Business: 

Many misconceptions persist about the generation where nearly everyone has a smartphone. People still prefer to call a business instead of filling out an online form. Although smartphones are convenient tools for social connections, shopping, and research, most consumers still feel more comfortable calling a business for more information before following through with a purchase. It’s easy to see why call tracking software will become more essential in the coming years, not less. Learn more about call tracking for small businesses and discover which marketing campaigns are worth the investment and have the tools to serve your customers even better.

“Call tracking helps you focus on goals that matter – knowing a customer’s sales journey is critical to understanding and improving your sales funnel.”

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