New Consumer Trends For 2021 And How It Impacts Marketers

The year 2020 has brought along a lot of uncertainty with Covid-19 and its effect is seen throughout the globe, resulting in a drastic change in consumer buying behavior including B2B marketers. To flourish in 2021, B2B advertisers need to envision future patterns and adjust their methodologies in like manner. 

Beneath, listed are the main patterns B2B marketers will see in 2021, also followed to it is how a call tracking solution can assist you with exploiting them.

  • Limited in-person interactions

During this pandemic, the whole world is inclined towards being safe, including  B2B marketers, so they are restricting their in-person communications for the wellbeing and to break the chain of the spread of the virus, and prefer working remotely.

Despite limited in-person interactions, B2B marketers are exploring new means to reach their target customers through digital platforms. 

Analysts anticipate buyers’ inclinations toward digital buying will be the new normal in 2021. Providing omnichannel experience to buyers helps B2B marketers keep connected at each touchpoint.

  • Increased demand for Digital switch-over of Services

With a spike in consumers relying on digital platforms for purchases during the pandemic, B2B marketers need digital transformation to reach their consumers. Out of safety concerns consumers have left behind their traditional means of purchasing and are opting for e-commerce as their go-to-shopping experience.

Increase in digital marketing because of covid

B2B marketers should keep up with new technologies, emerging trends, and feasible new software to deliver seamlessly to their consumers. 

Until the pandemic situation gets better, 2021 will be seen with more remote working and various alternatives for shopping experiences. B2B marketers might consider expanding their digital presence and equipped with software that provides an interactive, seamless experience to the consumer. 



  • Investing in Digital Advertising

Restrictions and safety concerns have highly impacted the physical means of advertising. In-person events have faded and digital advertising has gained prominence, giving scope to the marketers to invest in it.

The pre-covid-19 did have digital ads but never had the importance that it gained during covid-19. Every marketer is using the opportunity during covid-19 to showcase their product or service through digital advertisements, which creates huge competition among B2B marketers.

With the increase in digital advertisements, the investment required for it is huge and B2B marketers have to plan strategically for optimum ROI on digital advertising.

The pressure is always high to gain leads at a lower cost. With high expenditure, and with heavy competition across markets, staying at the top with reliable and effective digital marketing strategies is essential.       

  • Lookout for Seamless 

The covid-19 situation has brought a drastic change in the buying pattern and behavior of the consumers. Consumers have switched to online shopping as their go-to platform to fulfill their needs.

Consumers engage with the seller based on the experience they have with them, so it is important to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences to them at every step of their buying journey.

A consistent and personalized experience to buyers will help grab more consumers. B2B marketers providing seamless omnichannel experience throughout the buyers’ journey will give an extra edge over their competitors.

  • Rise in call volumes to B2B marketers

Consumers will continue to limit their interaction with the seller till the covid-19 situation gets better, till then they will look for alternatives, and one of the channels is calls.

 The B2B marketers will receive higher volumes of calls for request demos, inquires, and purchases compared to pre-covid. The call channels will gain a higher significance in digital marketing, as consumers are more likely to feel connected over a call than an e-commerce platform.

How to enhance your B2B sales through Call Tracking

The covid-19 situation has impacted buyer behavior and has changed the trends of the market. The primary source of purchases being e-commerce, online exploring followed by call inquiries is the new protocol for the buyer’s journey.

Throwing light on this particular trend, B2B marketers might consider enhancing their call channels to provide a seamless experience to the consumer, as even a small mistake may lead to unpredictable damages.

How we help with Call Tracking 

We at FreeCallTracking.ai help B2B marketers not only to track all the incoming calls from digital and advertising platforms but also to provide additional features of call monitoring tools which include Dynamic Number Insertion, Call Routing, Key Level Attribution, and many more.

Every call made to the company plays a vital role, we help monitor your call center activities, and with real-time reporting marketers can have a complete outlook on  the incoming calls. Analyzing and prioritizing the calls remains our main motto.

Call tracking software at FreeCallTracking.ai helps manage your valuable leads and increase the conversion rate in your business. Strategize your marketing efforts with us and gain higher conversion rates to achieve increased ROI for your business.

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