How is Call Analytics important for Marketers?

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Understanding “Call Analytics”

In simple terms “Call Analytics” refers to analyzing phone calls. But what exactly are we to understand by it? What does it mean?

Generally speaking it may refer to the total count of incoming calls, the number received, the numbers missed, the rejected, etc. But in business this refers to analyzing customer calls, and most importantly the inbound ones. Businesses today use “Call Tracking” tools to track their customer calls right from their originating point (marketing Ads / website) to the end (getting a lead or losing it). 

This tracking introduces a systematic management of phone calls: it includes forwarding them to a desired destination, recording them and monitoring them. Monitoring methods tells us the sources of our incoming customer calls via  Dynamic Number InsertionKeyword level attributioncall routing, etc. Additionally there are these “call analyzing reports” which empowers you with all caller insights to measure your marketing efforts and their effectiveness.

How does Call Analytics help Marketers or Businesses?

Call Analyzing helps monitoring sales & business progress and promotion; it comprehends customer preferences, assesses the usability of various marketing resources, provides insights into customer behavior, market trends, and guides you to those advertising channels which work the best for your particular sales or service… Amazing, isn’t it?

Call Analytics is the key to driving more sales.

Analyzing calls is a best practice that measures consumer behavior.

Is it important for Marketers?

Marketers love call analytics because it provides valuable data to them. Call Analytics’ features are specifically designed for Marketers. To elaborate:

  • Marketers want to analyze their efforts. 
  • Marketers want to be able to track results. 
  • Marketers want visibility and accountability. 

Call Analytics gets them all of that. 

Call Analytics gets you insights into your customer’s journey, generate leads and improve your returns on investments (ROI).

Call analysis helps marketers to identify: 

  • Which campaigns perform the best (and which don’t!);
  • Which ads prompt the calls (and which don’t!);
  • Which keywords get clicks (and which don’t!);
  • Which banner or billboard got the lead (and which didn’t!);
  • Which social media platform suits the business well (and which doesn’t!)

Isn’t that simple?

Basics of Call Analytics

With CA marketers can:

  • Determine which specific channels is best for marketing their product or services
  • Identify the campaigns that generate leads
  • Shortlist the ads which click calls
  • Finalize those organic keywords which trigger the Ads
  • Accentuate those banners/billboards which get business
  • Concentrate on those social media channels which connects best with the online audience.

Overall, Call Analysis help marketers to determine which sources are generating business to invest their revenue in. There’s no point in investing time, money and energy on those channels which don’t get business, it doesn’t make sense, does it?

“Call Analysis is Marketers’ best tool for monitoring Sales.”

Features of Call Analytics – Call Analysis includes few or all of the below:

When you know everything about customer calls you can produce better ads, interact appropriately with customers/clients, make smart decisions using insightful real-time reports and henceforth generate more business. 

Benefits of Call Analytics

It closes the loop on marketing ROI calculations – Choose your investment carefully

It measures the effectiveness of organic SEO efforts – Checks on listing / ranking

It controls paid ad campaigns – tells you where to allot budget proficiently

It connects social media marketing – directly to business promotion

It helps marketers to retain old clients and get new clients.

Call analytic metrics define the connection between your product and your customer.

It gives you the power to control media marketing efficiently. 

Call analytics allows you to determine precisely which channel, which campaign, which ad, and which keyword should you focus, and where you should bid the highest or allot max budget to. 

Accountability – Marketers can show analytics data to their managers that prove they’re doing a good job.

Marketers use call analytics as a way to prove their worth to their clients.

Attribution – Call analytics allows Marketers to analyze the various marketing channels. The statistical data helps track precisely how many phone calls each of your marketing source. You’ll be able to compare call volumes across industries.

Analysis – Call analytics provides real-time reports to understand the flow of business, and decide the way forward.

Reporting – Marketers can use call analytics reports to show their managers how many calls they’re producing – the statistical data states clearly the milestones achieved.

Interactive – Call analytics encourages active participation from all team members & management as it gives a clear picture to evaluate current conditions of investments and returns on investments.


Businesses today depend a lot on phone calls. The number and quality of calls a marketer could generate is an important metric for evaluating his efforts and the status of Company in the market.

The peers will be incredibly impressed when you (marketers) allow them to track the results of their efforts. You want them to hold you accountable, and they love to hold you accountable anyway!

The way Digital Marketers can use call analytics are Dynamic Number Insertion, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Call tracking, Keyword-level-attribution, Real-time Reporting, etc.

Which industries can use Call Analytics?

It is suitable for all small & medium business, to clinics and doctors, to insurance marketers, agencies, to legal services, home services, Real estate, for Lead Gen & Affiliate Marketing, for ecommerce, etc. 

Let me present to you the latest AI-Powered call tracking software which analyzes, records & monitors all inbound calls. Advanced features include keyword-level-tracking, dynamic number insertion, call routing, real-time reporting & a dashboard with Insights, attribution, and more!

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