CallJoy Is Shutting Down, What are the Alternatives?

Call tracking has become a vital part of competitive marketing practices since companies are receiving more and more calls. In the event CallJoy disappears, that means many small businesses will be faced with a need for call tracking tools in today’s world. Consequently, customers scrambled to regain call tracking numbers and transcripts when the project, meant to support small businesses in call tracking, was abandoned.

Google’s Area 120 is an experimental incubator, contributing to the development of new tools that prove to be necessities rather than niceties, as well as testing out existing ones from other industries. In the same way that many of Google’s other projects have finished, CallJoy is winding down like many of the Google projects since they entered the call tracking market. Call tracking is a necessity.

As of July 22nd, 2020, Google officially discontinued Google’s call tracking solution for small businesses. Area 120’s CallJoy was an experimental project that ran for a little over a year, beginning in May of 2019.
Due to CallJoy’s start in call tracking for many small businesses, this disruption will create opportunities for business owners to expand their phone marketing.

How can CallJoy’s customers proceed from here?


CallJoy alternative FreeCallTracking

Customers are not leaving the Google ecosystem by switching to FreeCallTracking.ai. This setting remains consistent because we use Google Analytics and Adwords to extend our functionality even further.


By integrating our lead-focused analytics with Google My Business, we
broaden the visibility of Google My Business’s call data. We draw from
what Google provides today in our reporting insights.

The best move to replace lost service is to switch from CallJoy to FreeCallTracking.ai. Building on CallJoy’s achievements, a move to FreeCallTracking.ai would be beneficial. Unlike CallJoy, which was used to make customer service better, we are a growth marketing resource for increasing customer acquisition.

No matter what your business does, the tracking numbers provided by FreeCallTracking.ai are yours.

Our membership costs are affordable even after your free trial expires. The company will offer free support to help you get the most out of your call tracking number because tracking information is of no use unless it’s interpreted and actioned on. It is unacceptable to let leads slip through the cracks.

The same features you like about CallJoy and more, we’ve got for your business:

•    AI based solution that is more than call actions and transcripts
•    The most powerful call tracking tools that help you market smarter
•    Providing a way to connect each ad, campaign, and keyword to each form fill


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