Amazing home services trends that marketers should know in 2021

Every industry is facing major changes in the way they function due to COVID-19. Home services industry is one of them. The home service marketers really need to keep an eye on the upcoming trends if they want to survive in 2021.

Mentioned below are some of the most important trends home services marketers will face in 2021.

  • Increase in costs for home services lead.

When we talk about the home services industry, it is a billion dollar business and the competition is fierce. The marketers need to develop smart strategies to acquire more customers because the costs per lead has been predicted to increase continuously in the upcoming times. The home services marketers need to develop their strategies in such a way that they can optimize their ROI at a minimal cost.

  • Increase in call volume.

Physical interactions have been restricted to a significant extent due to covid-19 due to which call volumes to home services providers have increased as well. Consumers rely on phone call interactions to get their queries cleared about pricing, packages, appointments, etc. And this method of interaction will continue to be used.

  • Rates for home improvement projects will continue to be high.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, consumers were restricted in their homes and they got the opportunity to undertake home improvement projects. This trend will continue according to predictions and the on demand home services industry might see a growth of up to 53% between 2020 and 2024. Home services businesses are now trying to come up with latest packages and promotions to support their consumers on their projects.

  • Demand for flawless omnichannel experience.

As a marketer, you will not get any room for error when it comes to providing the perfect omnichannel experience to your home services consumers. If you want a customer to be loyal to your brand, you need to make sure that they are having a positive experience throughout the entire journey with you. You will have to include personalization across various channels to have a slight edge over your competitors.

Home Services Trends For 2021

How can call tracking be helpful for marketers for capitalization on home services trends?

The trends mentioned above through significant clarity on how the home services industry is changing in recent times and the modifications marketers might go through in the upcoming years. With the increase of phone calls from consumers to agents for information, the marketers in the home services industry need to have the perfect strategy to provide only the best experience to their clients.

The expectations of the consumers are quite high and if any error occurs, there might be significant loss in revenue.

Using call tracking and analytics solutions will be a game changer in this scenario as you will get a lot of information as a marketer. 

  • Which location is getting the highest number of calls? 
  • Which ad campaign or keyword is driving the most number of sales calls? 
  • What are some of the common issues that your customers are facing? 
  • Are any calls going unanswered at any location?

All these questions and more will be answered if you use our AI powered call tracking solution. Apart from getting information about all the queries mentioned above, you will also get the advantage of call recordings and transactions which will help you to tailor your strategies according to the requirements of your customers. You can also use this data to explain to your team about what areas need improvement and what modifications can be made.

And as a marketer in the home services industry, it is high time for you to jump into the latest trends, make smart optimizations after proper analysis and capitalize your business.

So we recommend using a Call Tracking Software to boost your business. 
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