Planned your inbound call conversion goals for 2021 in your industry yet?

Whether it is offline marketing or digital marketing, phone calls have proven to be an important source of conversions with an extremely high order value as compared to various other types of engagement. But are you paying enough attention to the results of those phone calls? If you have not yet, this article is exactly what you need to go through. 

If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, it is very essential to understand your call conversion rates. Missing out on tracking this essential metric means missing out on some amazing optimization opportunities. And you definitely do not want that, do you?

So let us have a look at some of the important statistics and understand just how essential call conversions are for marketers.

  • Phone calls are an essential part in determining the journey of customers in many industries.

Whenever people have any doubts or queries related to any business or they want to make any complex decisions, they prefer calling the business directly because communicating through calls means getting immediate response to their queries and better solutions provided via live agents.  Especially after the covid-19 pandemic, there has been an even higher increase in calls to businesses since everyone has questions about safety precautions, new rules, etc.  Different industries have revealed different stats when it comes to getting calls to businesses. 

For example, the Healthcare industry has seen 88% call to book appointments, insurance companies have seen 38% call to buy after customers researched their products online, and so on. 

  • Calls are extremely valuable conversions but every call might not be a lead. 

Yes, there is no doubt regarding the fact that calls are variable marketing conversions and studies reveal that callers convert quickly and are comparatively more loyal than people visiting websites. However you also need to think about-  is this the right call?  You need proper idea and visibility into the types of calls you are receiving because otherwise you might just be wasting your budget and energy solving only customer service issues instead of increasing the sales of your business.

  • You are getting calls, but no conversion is taking place?

Your marketing success does not only depend on high quality phone calls. If those calls do not convert to revenue, there is no point and it will create a negative impact on your marketing ROI. Make sure your locations are answering the sales calls.

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How to use conversation intelligence to cut cost per lead – Effective tips

Conversation intelligence is all about helping the marketers to keep track of every stage of their marketing journey and the popularity of this technology is increasing gradually. But how to use conversation intelligence to cut cost per lead as a marketer? Mentioned below are some effective tips.

  • Cut down your expenditure on any ads or campaigns which are not being able to drive valuable call conversions.
  • Keep track and set goals on the value and quantity of phone based conversions from every source.
  • Go through reports to make sure your locations are able to handle phone leads correctly and create positive impacts on the marketing results.
  • Divide your callers into groups for targeting them with appropriate campaigns so that they can only see relevant ones.
  • Assign the most suitable service agent to the caller based on their requirements.
  • Make use of customer insights to improve your content marketing strategies and organic search. You can utilize transcriptions and call recordings for doing that.

As we have already established, phone calls are an incredible source of conversion and it is high time that you pay attention to that to improve your marketing results if you haven’t already.

So we recommend using a Call Tracking Software to boost your business. 
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