The importance of Call Tracking for any business in 2021

The ultimate goal for marketers is to get more conversions and regular leads. But of course, that is not an easy task. A lot of planning and strategizing goes into it and even after implementing those strategies, there are a lot of questions to get answers to.

Are your PPC ads able to drive leads? What type of landing pages will attract clients to engage with your business? What is the ranking of your website in search results? Are you getting any organic leads?

These are only some of the many questions that matter! If you want the best results, you have to track each and every conversion to the source marketing channel. Tracking your every lead is the basic step of getting a better clarity on the functioning of marketing and it can be done using call tracking. But these are not all, there are many other reasons to proceed with this technology. Let’s dive into that.

  1. Phone calls lead to better conversions.

Unless you keep a track of every conversion in your business, it is not possible to know the particular marketing channels which are generating higher conversions. Whether it is form filling or chatting, these are considered as conversions. However calls have proven to be a valuable source of conversion which is more likely to convert to a qualified lead. It’s a better source because it requires a high amount of effort from the consumers and keeping track of it will be very beneficial for you.

  1. Usage of mobile devices in driving calls.

A large percentage of consumers like the old school method of engaging via calls and they use their smartphones to do so. According to a study on Google, it has been revealed that mobile users are more likely to get in touch via call with a business as compared to desktop users.

  1. Call tracking reveals the entire journey of a customer.

The data received from call tracking can truly depict the experience the customer had with your business. From the marketing source, pages they visited to the call recording, you can get detailed information about everything and make changes based on this data.

  1. Particular industries are heavily dependent on phone call conversions.

There are many industries which are very much dependent on phone calls for a large portion of their conversions. And that is the reason why call tracking becomes an ideal approach for them. In fact, call tracking can be considered as the primary mode of communication. And if these marketers do not pay enough attention and track every conversion, they will hardly have any data to work with.

So we recommend using a Call Tracking Software to boost your business. 
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call tracking for business 2021
  1. Call tracking results in in depth marketing reports.

Using a call tracking software will give you the entire picture of every incoming call to your business. And this information can be utilized to build reports that will not only let you know the amount of conversions but also every data behind it. Keeping track of individual leads helps in accurate measurement of ROI as well.

  1. Call tracking will show you the genuine truth of your marketing efforts.

Using a call tracking solution will give you the complete comprehensive picture of whether your marketing strategies are working or not. You will get a complete 360 degree view of what is going on and use that data to optimize your strategies to drive high quality traffic to your brand.

If you want to stay at the top of your game in 2021 as a marketer, call tracking is an absolute necessity that you should definitely consider investing in.

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