The importance of first party data from inbound phone calls- why are data-driven agencies paying so much attention to it?

You must have already heard about how third party cookies are facing a downfall. And now the agencies are talking about investing in first party data in 2021.

But why are so many industries so focused on first party data like inbound phone calls? What power does this data hold? If you are also wondering about this, you should definitely keep reading till the end.

First party data-  what do leading agencies think about this?

According to the customer engagement report by Merkle, it has been observed that customers look for personalized experiences today and the agencies are finding it hard to deliver flawless experiences to their customers, especially with the degradation of third party cookies. The marketers are now trying to come up with new strategies and opportunities for transformation.

The reports stated that around 88% of the respondents agreed that first party data is definitely present at the top of the priority list. 52% of the respondents further agreed that more priority will be now given to the collection of first party data because of the latest privacy regulations. And since data restrictions are increasing gradually, 74% of respondents agreed to investing more in vendor solutions and technology.

The reports from Merkle have definitely proved that the agencies are focusing on first party data and are trying to invest more in digital innovations. Every agency is going all in to deliver the best marketing experience to their clients and stay at the top of the competitive game.

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What is the importance of unlocking first party insights from conversation intelligence?

By now, it has already been established that the marketers have realized the importance of data and they are trying their level best to invest in it smartly. They have also realized that diving into the world of first party data from call channels is one of the most valuable methods to survive in this cut throat competition.

And that is exactly where conversation intelligence comes into the picture. It is an extremely exciting technology and an incredible opportunity for marketers to receive first party data that it is not possible to get from anywhere else. Every phone conversation and meaningful interactions with your brand is converted into useful data that can be used to enhance your digital media campaigns.

Conversation intelligence utilizes these phone calls to create a better understanding about the campaign, ads, keywords and more. You can turn these insights into useful data which will help you deliver quality services to your client. 

Moreover, these call insights will also help you understand the entire length and breadth of the call experience including the marketing source that is driving the call to what is happening during the conversation. These valuable and sentimental customer insights ask something that you will never get anywhere else, no matter where you search.

When you pair insights from customer web chats with their actual voice from phone calls, this data becomes even more powerful. Because during any phone conversation, the customers and prospects usually explain freely about what they feel about the brand and what catches their fancy. And imagine sharing this with your clients and the amazing value it would add to your team. 

So now you know the importance of insights from first party data from inbound phone calls and how much agencies are prioritizing it. Hopefully this article has been of help in giving you an idea about improving your digital marketing results.

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