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It cannot be stressed enough on how important it is to prove your value to your clients, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic has turned everything upside down. Every industry is facing a lot of changes they were not prepared for, but you have to keep fighting at the end. If you are a marketer of an agency, you definitely have a clear idea on how essential sales is for your business.

Here are some vital tips using which you can improve your sales and prove your value to your agency customers.

  1. Pay high attention to call data.

Driving calls using online strategies is an essential root for multiple businesses out there. And if you want to make informed budget and campaign decisions, it’s better to have a clear idea about the functioning of these calls. The solution is to integrate the data received from calls into Google Analytics or Google Ads so that you can view the entire data on a single platform. If you have accurate and real time data in front of you in a comprehensive manner, it will help you make smart decisions which will lead to increased ROI.

  1. Growth in return on ad spend for paid search campaigns with increased granular data.

An essential reason for using data extracted from calls is to obtain higher unfiltered insights that will help in modifying your campaigns to get effective results. For example, let us suppose your brand is providing services in two different locations- A and B. If you calculate your average revenue per service, you might get results that your campaign in location A has been more effective comparatively than in B. But if you use data obtained from a call analytics solution, the conclusions might be different. The conversions may seem better in location A, but the conversion value might be lower due to a difference in services provided or any other reason. 


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  1. Make sure your clients are able to see your good performance.

It is not enough if you are working hard on your campaigns and getting success but your customers are not able to see it. You need to give them a reason to choose you. While digital platforms can convert clicks to results, call analytics create a relationship between phone calls and higher revenue. If your business is utilizing digital marketing plans to drive more calls, it will be a great idea to keep track of your call data to have a look at the results. This will help in improving your performance and proving your value to your customers.

Today it’s all about competition and doing your best to earn the loyalty of your customers so that you become their primary choice. They need to feel valued and taken care of throughout their entire journey with you and this can only be done if you have enough data in your hands to make informed decisions and come up with smart strategies.

And that is precisely where call tracking and analytics solutions can come to the rescue. These solutions make use of the data obtained from phone calls and give you the high ranking keywords which will help you earn a higher revenue. And we are not exaggerating when we say that this data can give you in-depth information about everything you need.

You can leverage it to make smart optimizations for your business and work on the areas that need improvement. And these strategies will help in driving more calls and earning more customers to your agency.

So we recommend using a Call Tracking Software to boost your business. 
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