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What is Agency Lead Reporting Tool?

The trend towards accountability and data-driven results continues to grow. Businesses want to see measurable results from their marketing investment. Similarly they want to know what works and what doesn’t so that they can make more effective marketing decisions.

As an agency, you have clients relying on you to deliver results for their marketing efforts. Our AI Powered call tracking software for agencies enables you to have full accountability for the source of your client’s success, breaking down the performance of different online channels to provide your clients with more granular information. By tracking paid campaigns, you can improve your clients’ return on investment through sophisticated attribution that takes the timestamps and locations of leads into account.

Our call tracking software serves well as an agency management software or reporting software for lead gen agency, ecommerce web agency, etc.

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Agencies include: Tech marketing agency, social content agency, pest control marketing agency, ecommerce advertising agency, real estate social media marketing companies, digital marketing agency, marketing firm websites, lead gen agency, franchise marketing agency, digital marketing and advertising agency, ecommerce web agency, etc.

Agency Lead Generation reporting

FreeCallTracking.AI provides the best call reporting software for Agencies

Tracking customer phone calls improves the way companies serve customers and directly impacts customer satisfaction. Here’s how and why every company should consider call tracking to improve customer success.

You can – 

  • Attribute phone calls down to the keyword level to optimize your client’s campaigns, increase conversions and lower cost per acquisition.
  • Manage all your channels in one place and discover the marketing campaigns that drive targeted traffic.
  • Route calls (forward or redirect calls) seamlessly.
  • Measures call length, conversion rates & other crucial business stats through our realtime reporting feature.
  • Gain critical knowledge of the caller’s current context.
  • Personalize customer support.
  • Create dynamic phone numbers to track concurrent leads.
  • Optimize social media ads, marketing and call agent efficiency.
  • Automatically resolve customer service issues and reduce call times.

Call Tracking Software For Marketing Agencies:

We provide a dedicated agency support team to set-up & manage client accounts with our free marketing automation software.

Marketing / Advertising Agency Lead Reporting – Benefits:

  • More accurate measurement of your client’s campaign performance.
  • Link digital marketing to inbound phone calls / sales for measuring ROI.
  • Create lasting, profitable and valued relationships with clients.
  • Prioritize campaign spend based on more accurate measurement.
  • Choose the pricing, reporting, and features your clients have access to.
  • Decide how you want to bill your clients and what you want to charge.
  • Build custom reports for clients with the level of insight they need.

Freecalltracking.AI’s Lead Reporting deliverables for an Agency;


  • Provide customizable agency tools.
  • Are committed to delivering a quality service.
  • Make sure that our network and services are resilient.
  • Follow Data Protection & Best Practice Guidelines.
  • Deliver efficiency with our online platform instantly.
  • Plug the gap in campaign analytics.
  • Justify spend and attribute results.

Agency lead reporting customizes your reporting dashboard

Freecalltracking.AI creates dashboards that show off your brand’s personality with our dashboard reporting tool. From adding a logo or comments, to merging widgets, to adding your own KPIs, to creating your own template from scratch, almost everything about your dashboard report can be customized.

Let’s raise the bar, exceed expectations & build strong businesses together with Freecalltracking.AI’s Agency lead reporting tool.

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