5 B2B Trends for 2021 — How Marketers Can Capitalize Call Tracking to Earn Profits

How B2B marketing can benefit from Call Tracking? COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes in many industries since it started. And one of the major changes has been in the way customers or buyers are engaging with b2b vendors.

Make Your Agency The Ultimate Choice For Customers

Call Tracking Tailored for Marketing Agencies It cannot be stressed enough on how important it is to prove your value to your clients, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic has turned everything upside down. Every industry is facing a lot of

Why Data-Driven Agencies Are Doubling Down on First-Party Data From Inbound Phone Calls?

The importance of first party data from inbound phone calls- why are data-driven agencies paying so much attention to it? You must have already heard about how third party cookies are facing a downfall. And now the agencies are talking

Capitalize With Call Tracking — 5 Real Estate Trends for Marketers in 2021

Let’s see how call tracking can help real estate firms in 2021 When we talk about engagement of consumers with real estate firms, there have been some major changes due to COVID-19. The real estate marketers really need to focus

Importance of Call Tracking for Your business in 2021

The importance of Call Tracking for any business in 2021 The ultimate goal for marketers is to get more conversions and regular leads. But of course, that is not an easy task. A lot of planning and strategizing goes into

Best Practices for Call Tracking – The Ultimate Guide

Call Tracking Best Practices – The Ultimate Guide If you are just stepping into the world of call tracking, there is a lot of information together, especially for marketers and business owners. Keeping track of the source of the calls

New Consumer Trends For 2021 And How It Impacts Marketers

New Consumer Trends For 2021 And How It Impacts Marketers The year 2020 has brought along a lot of uncertainty with Covid-19 and its effect is seen throughout the globe, resulting in a drastic change in consumer buying behavior including

Why is Call Analytics important for Marketers?

How is Call Analytics important for Marketers? Understanding “Call Analytics” In simple terms “Call Analytics” refers to analyzing phone calls. But what exactly are we to understand by it? What does it mean? Generally speaking it may refer to the

How Call Tracking Software helps in Sales?

How Call Tracking Software helps in Sales? Despite the rise of digital marketing channels, the effectiveness of using the telephone for customer outreach and acquisition cannot be underestimated. Some prospects will contact your business through email or social media sites.

Why is Call Tracking important in 2021?

Why is Call Tracking important in 2021? Phone calls are a critical component of gaining new business for a variety of companies across multiple industries. Calls are the most important lead type for many businesses, often worth 5-10 times as

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