Get insights into your customer’s journey, generate leads and improve your returns on investments with our AI Powered Call Tracking & Analytics software.

What is Call Analytics Software?

FreeCallTracking.AI tracks, records and analyzes all incoming customer calls to your company. You get to know the sources of all inbound calls with our call monitoring tool via Dynamic Number InsertionKeyword Level Call Tracking, Call Routing, etc. Additionally its dynamic dashboard with real-time reporting empowers you with excellent caller insights & attribution details for your marketing efforts and their effectiveness – Only for USA & Canada!

Our AI Powered call tracking tool tracks your customer calls right from their originating point (marketing Ads / website) to the end (getting a lead or losing it). It helps count all inbound calls, assess the usability of various marketing resources by providing insights into customer behavior, market trends, etc. and guides you to those advertising channels which work the best for your particular sales or service.

Tracking calls is a best practice that measures consumer behavior.

The lead sources that drove a call can include everything from your website and social media to billboards and directory listings. So FreeCallTracking.AI enables businesses and marketers to analyze the effectiveness of each marketing campaign may they be from:

– Online platforms such as such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google ads.

– Offline resources such as newspapers, TV, radio, brochures, billboards, etc.

– Others such as local and toll free numbers.

Converting callers to customers is one of the toughest parts.
If you’re focused on call conversion – FreeCallTracking.AI is the best for you, recommended!

When you know everything about your phone calls, it’s easy to optimize. You can produce better ads, interact capably with insightful call reporting, make smart decisions and henceforth generate more business.

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Features of our multifaceted AI Powered Call Tracking Software

– Call Tracking

Track phone calls from all digital and advertising platforms – Know which sources drive higher conversion and generate leads.

To perform optimally it is essential for businesses to know how each of their marketing efforts performs. With call tracking they can accurately attribute phone calls, leads and sales to specific marketing efforts. It shows you whether you are getting more calls from your website, yellow-pages, PPC campaigns, email marketing or some other source, etc.

– Call Traffic Analysis

Higher count of calls doesn’t guarantee sales; smart sellers analyze if phone call conversations turn to leads & conversions – Call analytics help you focus on the calls that drive high converting calls.

The importance of phone calls is fundamental – they’re a powerful tool indicating if your marketing measure are working or not, but many businesses tend to overlook their ability to optimize this critical revenue source. It is not only essential to know how many calls turned to conversions but also which channel generated the calls in the first place – This is where Call Analytics comes in.

Call tracking is the key to driving more sales.

Understanding Call Analytics

FreeCallTracking.AI can be integrated with most marketing platforms. This integration provides detailed information of each visitor, potential customers, missed targets, leads generated, sales projected and a lot more.

Call Analytics lets you know…

  • If the call was from your website or a digital advertisement
  • Know which advertising campaign / group triggered the call
  • Know which keyword listed the ad
  • Know which ad triggered the call
  • Know the time when call was made
  • Know if the call routed
  • Know if the call was answered, missed or rejected

Our analytic reports provide you with an understandable view of your marketing/ad performances and give you insight as which channels are actually driving qualified leads. Call analytics provide a broad and comprehensive view of each phone call. Technically “Call Analytics” is used to refer to the collection, analysis and reporting of phone call data. Quickly view which source is fetching leads so you can focus on what is driving conversions to your business.

FreeCallTracking.AI – the best Call Tracking Software for your business.

Benefits / Advantages of Call Analytics:

– Call insights provides the right analysis of your advertising campaigns: See all your call details and know precisely which ad and campaign triggered the phone call.

– Call tracking is essential for any business that relies on phone calls and wants to reach out to the customers better.

– It helps you allocate proper budget and resources to your lead sources.

– You can get powerful insights at a glance with call analytics and reporting.

– Call analytics help you uncover the marketing and advertising best practices that is worth your time, effort & budget.

– Call analytics measures, manages & analyzes marketing performance to maximize effectiveness & increase return on investment (ROI).

– It figures out the productive ways that have a higher probability of converting into sales – get you the maximum ROI.

– KPIs [Key performance indicators] from call analytics come from both call tracking metrics and call recording metrics.

– It provides multiple detailed reports which track the caller information from every aspect.

Importance Of Call Tracking & Analytics

Our AI Powered call analytics software gives users real-time actionable feedback, unparalleled visibility into campaign performance and accurate identifications of factors that lead to conversions / sales.

Call tracking directs you where to focus your marketing efforts and which efforts will get you the most targeted traffic, the most lead generating calls, and when you should be investing and where.

Call Tracking includes Call Monitoring. Maintain product quality standard by monitoring the calls and improve your market effectiveness and ensure quality assurance.

Call Analytics can provide information even more critical than call tracking. Although it is essential to know which sources are generating calls, it is actually more important to know the sources when get leads, what happens during the call (call recording), etc.

Call Tracking software tracks and records information from incoming phone calls, including call source, audio recordings, start / end time of the call, call status, duration, etc. and alerts you through email notifications.

Call Tracking metrics allow you to see plainly how well each marketing channel is performing and details about individual ads, new leads and business.

Marketers / sales teams can use insights derived from call analysis & web analytics to understand which advertisements are driving callers to their business and to optimize marketing campaigns & handle calls.

Call Tracking features like Automatic call recording, keyword level tracking, customer call log software and campaign attribution allows you to track your campaign performance and gain insight into which campaigns are performing the best. This information is helpful for adjusting your marketing strategy for increased ROI.

Grasp the flow of business at a glance and change your strategy accordingly. Reporting with call analytics gives you the opportunity to view which channels are actually working. Instead of just attribution, call analytics allow you to view calls by overall count, the time of day they took place, geographic information and even by the duration of the conversation.


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