What is Call Recording?

Call recording is one of the most underestimated, yet a potentially powerful tool for small businesses to achieve large turnovers.

Every business, especially the small & medium sized ones, are in search of cost-effective ways to reach out and to build healthy relationships with their customers for quick success. What many don’t understand is that:

“Communication is the key”

Businesses today advertise their products & services in many ways, each more attractive than the other. Competition is much more than before and with consumers having multiple choices… how you deal with customers becomes a direct connection between your business’s success and failure. In this environment “Call Monitoring i.e. monitoring how effectively your employees deal with your callers is vital. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by using customer phone call recording software. 

Businesses can exceed their customers’ expectations and improve their products/services by employing phone call recording services. 

Every customer call provides you with an opportunity to grow your business. Each call has the potential to:

  • Boost your product’s sale / services
  • Maximize your returns on investment
  • Improve company’s hold in the market
  • Manage or damage company reputation
  • Build the customer connection

…and a lot more in the negatives and the positives 

“Proper communication leads to better understanding of the needs of customers – it helps evaluating market trends, strategize advertising, improve product presentations, lead generation and a lot more.” 

Our customer call tracking tool does free inbound call recording for USA and Canada – Give it a try now!

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FreeCallTracking.AI’s Call Recording Tool:

Record all inbound customer calls & get more leads with our AI Powered automatic phone call recording too FreeCallTracking.ai. This Free call tracking software, which is now available only for USA and Canada, analyzes your calls, finds what is the best source to boost your business and focuses your ad spend on what actually drives conversions.

A call conversation with call recording integrations has two-sided benefits:

First – Customers may refrain from using abusive language and keep the conversation professional.

Second – This knowledge makes the customer care executive to communicate clearly, maintain phone etiquette, treat the customer with respect and provide answers to all customer queries. 

A win-win situation!

Why is call recording call required?

Each inbound call handled well could generate leads and initiate sales or service which is why we consider every incoming call to be important and much more than ever before businesses today depend a lot upon call conversations. 

Understanding your customer is the heart of any business’s progress. The more you’re connected with your customer, the better for your business. 

And this is possible with our Call Tracking and Management Software – FreeCallTracking.AI

  1. Memory Matters – When talking to customers, it is vital to actively listen. However, it is only reasonable that sales representative or customer care executives may not remember each inquiry and/or every question that came their way all day, henceforth it is obvious to miss many strategic growth opportunities in the process – Call recording saves the day by keeping a record of everything discussed; it saves every conversation for future references and advancement.
  2. Dot the Demands: If you truly wish to understand what customers want, you need to hear it directly from them – With call recording you can always go back to understand the demand and “connect the dots”. This helps ensure customers feel that they are truly being heard— a big part of providing a great customer experience #UnderstandCustomerPreferences
  3. Instructive information – Often so it happens that a good product may not make as much profit as expected. It may narrowly miss the point about what the consumer market demands – a call recording system can help bridge the information gap. With this you can aim your marketing efforts in the right direction and revolutionize your sales and marketing processes. This will ensure improved customer service and generate a greater ROI for your business. 

Call recordings help you understand the good, the bad & the ugly about your products, services, campaigns, communications and helps gauge progress of your company. 

  1. Customer Care: For retaining customers, you need to provide excellent customer service (among other things). By listening to recorded calls, you and your team can figure out what to avoid saying to certain customers so nobody’s feelings are hurt and you stay in everyone’s good graces and increase customer satisfaction #WordsToWatch
  2. Employee Evaluation: Call recording allows you to analyze your employees’ call conversation skills as well. It helps monitor the quality of service offered by your team. Listening to those calls regularly lets you build a picture of how customer interactions take place. By continually monitoring calls, you can inculcate better customer service practices within your team.
  3. Legal Labels: Please note that audio call recording is legal as long as there is an acknowledgement (via a pre-recorded message) that it is happening. Maintaining a database of recorded calls will help your business resolve disputes and fight against lawsuits from unhappy customers and in some cases a voice recording can serve as a verbal contract. As call recording protects your company from legal headaches and saves cost, it becomes all the more important for all businesses.

Companies need to operate with best business practices, principles & methods to safeguard the information shared during the calls. 

  1. Fetching Feedback – Customers are often required to rank or rate the Call Representatives. This authentic input can help you learn more about their attitudes, opinions and point of views. Turn feedback into real-time results, course corrections, and innovation.
  2. Retracing Routes – An initial inquiry call, if handled correctly, can convert into a sale. So, access to call records can help you identify if a potential sales lead was missed – freeing you up to grow your business, and keeping tabs on their progress.

Call recording technology is a cost-effective solution within the customer call tracking system – If you are not it, you’re missing out on easy ways to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience and sales revenues. 

  1. Situation Settings – Sometimes it’s difficult to make out what a customer is saying. They could be in a noisy environment, talking quickly, or speaking in a heavy accent or there can be network issues as well. So having a customer call recording that you can play back as many times as required provides some insurance and the peace of mind that you won’t miss anything important.
  2. Quality control – The quality manager can listen to the interaction between an executive and a customer to identify the key areas which need improvement. Soft skill training can be provided to improve communication skills or product training to increase the employee’s knowledge about a particular product or service.

 “Call recording is a small and inexpensive way to monitor your business and implement changes. It provides you with a wealth of data and there are numerous ways to utilize that information.

Features of our Customer Call Recording Tool

Internal Analysis: Easily determine the strengths and weaknesses in the customer voice process by listening to calls.

Insightful & Strategic: Gain helpful insights, measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns (to the level of keyword tracking), and improve your sales strategy. 

Innovate & improve: Pick up on ways to innovate and better acknowledge customer tastes and preferences. 

Coach & Care: Hear how your team speaks to customers. Help them improve their communication skills and provide tips on how to sell more effectively or how to offer better customer service and support.

Reclaim missed opportunities: Call recording software will record all calls and as and when required a manager will be able to go back to that marked call and resolve customer complaints in a timely manner. 

Improved security: If your company has a proper call recording system or customer call tracking system, it can reduce inappropriate calls, and help detect security problems. 

Monitor & Manage: You can also monitor employee interaction to reduce inappropriate conversations via this free call analytics software. It will also help reduce personal phone calls during office hours. 

Know your customers: Having a realistic understanding of buyer personas can make your marketing efforts much more efficient and impactful. 

Enhance your product / service: Share mobile call recordings with product management or the R&D team through this call tracking platform to better understand how customers are using your product, what they like about it, and what could be better. All of this invaluable (and free) information can be translated into products and services that more effectively meet customer expectations. 

Performance: With this free call tracking software see how your customer service has evolved. By maintaining a database of call recordings, you can compare how your team communicates with customers today vs. how you communicated with them in the past. The differences can show where you’ve improved and where you still need work as well as how your business is growing — which can be a game changer. 

Team Training: Sharing call recordings with new members will bring them up to speed quickly on your customers’ needs and frequently asked questions. What’s better than to make them hear an actual call recording? 

Phone calls are a major component of almost every business and if call recording is activated, you’re on the right track to progress & prosperity.

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