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“Real-time reports, customized charts, and easy to understand analytics.” 

What is a Call Reporting Software? 

A call reporting software is a call monitoring and analytics tool which provides you with real time reports. It gives you comprehensive call statistics data for all the inbound calls so you have a clear view of what sources drive leads, fetch the best response, generate business and get the maximum returns on investment [ROI].
FreeCallTracking.AI’s call monitoring tool comes with an all-inclusive lead tracking, inbound call analytics & attribution and call conversion tracking tool. It quickly creates real-time reports getting easy insights into call analytics and give you excellent insights into your advertising strategies’ performance and recommends you your way to better lead generation methods. You can easily share data and all reports with your staff, clients, etc. with just a single click.
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Features of our AI Powered Call Reporting Tool

“Know who’s responding to your online & offline marketing campaigns.”

  • Get detailed reports on lead sources, call generating keywords, visitor demographics, paid search performance, landing pages & a lot more.
  • Track cost per call and mark them for quality & conversions.
  • Produce insightful and uncomplicated reports that are easy to share.
  • Track details such as call duration, call start & end time, caller area code, etc.
  • Know time, date, length and result of all inbound calls.
  • Identify geographical location of calls
  • Save Call Recordings
  • Collect the “Forwarding Numbers” allotted to your account
  • Assess the Pool size of each customer
  • Telephone number of the caller (unless withheld)
  • Know which device(s) your callers use (Eg. Mobile, Tablet or Desktop)
  • Track the Internet service provider [ISP] of the caller
  • Number of calls per web source
  • Online browsing activity leading up to the call
  • Referring URL
  • The call outcome such as whether it was a sale and the sale value

Our dynamic call tracking software’s data dashboard provides you with all essential data so that you can accurately measure, analyze and optimize your campaigns. 

Track all calls from all online and offline sources broken down into answered, unanswered, abandoned and live conversions

Call Attribution

Call Attribution is a way of tracking call conversions. It provides you detailed information as to which of your campaigns or channels are driving lead generation. It recommends you to focus on reaching those audiences that are potential leads/customers, tells you the ad source, such as keywords, sessions or campaigns that are triggering calls, and assists accurate measurement of marketing return on investment (ROI).

With our call analytics tool, quickly access comprehensive reports about the performance of different advertising campaigns from the perspective of inbound calls; this is crucial to tracking progress of any business. It not only provides you with detailed information but helps evaluate the statistical data and also guides you towards the most profitable ways to scale new heights of success. 

Know more features of our AI Powered Free Call Tracking Software:

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