“Call Routing” redirects a call to a chosen destination number.

What is Call Routing?

Call Routing feature enables users to forward inbound customer calls to an alternate call routing number.

Importance of Call Forwarding:

Call Routing could could be required for one of the given reasons:

Your basic inquiry number is getting a lot of calls which can make you miss many potential customers
You want to take office calls at your home number after office hours
You want to stay connected with your customers on the go
You don’t want to miss any call even if the specified number’s mobile is switched off!

…well, there could be many reasons.

This is where call forwarding / call routing / call diversion come to the rescue. 

Give it a try for yourself: Set up call diversion now!

Call Routing Software

Understanding FreeCallTracking.AI’s Call Forwarding Feature

With our AI powered call tracking software “FreeCallTracking.AI” you can seamlessly route or forward inbound phone calls / redirect calls to any device across the US and CANADA. All inbound calls coming from various sources can be forwarded to a given destination number of your choice. You get a pool of resources at your service on demand with our free call tracking service.

Call forwarding is one of the most essential features of customer call tracking system; for business it allows a user to forward the incoming calls to any other number in case the primary number is busy, out of coverage area, switched-off or not answering calls.

Call forwarding service is a boon for businesses as it never lets them miss any call in case of inadequate or insufficient communication on a certain number.

 AI Powered Call Routing – Features & Advantages

One of the reasons to take advantage of call forwarding services is the most obvious —there’s no need to pay extra.

Additional advantages of this Free Call Tracking Software’s Call Routing Service:

  • Safe – Choose a toll-free number for business & protect your personal information
  • Movable – Transfer over existing numbers
  • Flexibility – Route calls to any phone
  • Simplify– Call forwarding software simplifies your communication process.
  • Connectivity – Connect with customers no matter where you are!
  • Productivity – Higher operational efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction – Prompt answering promotes trust
  • Around the clock Activity – Increases availability to customers
  • Brand Building – Make business of any size feel established and legit
  • Success – Sales increase can be expected
  • Streamline Communication – This feature renders great customer service: Get hold of every call, never miss a single call.
  • Personalize – Enable, disable & customize call forwarding services anytime, anywhere with ease with our Mobile App .
  • Be Selective – Call Forwarding allows you to send selected incoming calls to a different number.

Benefits of using Phone Call forwarding in Businesses

Your company’s phone system is one of the primary ways your customers communicate with you. It is an important form of communication for employees also especially if you have remote workers or multiple offices. Business Call Routing feature is very helpful, actually the most crucial for you businesses. 

Call forwarding is an important part of your communications strategy.

Call routing lets you forward your incoming calls to call tracking number. For example: You can choose to send calls to your home phone number, mobile phone number, or another employee phone or your office branch location or well, literally anywhere.

Features of Call Routing Software

  • Be it a landline or a mobile phone – get calls delivered to any number, anywhere!
  • Call forwarding transfers the call to a series of numbers until it gets an answer.
  • Call forwarding typically redirects incoming calls to any other domestic telephone number.
  • Call divert ensures that your whole customer care department is available at caller’s service.
  • Route incoming calls to other numbers in case of physical absence of any executive.

Call Routing Software’s Benefits to Business

Flexibility & mobility are characteristics of successful, modern businesses. The ability to work on the go is vital for progress. With call forwarding, employees are always available whether they’re at the desk or on the move.

Always Available: One of the biggest benefits of call forwarding is that it increases one’s availability. It makes you available all the time on the same number – Office phone calls can be forwarded to an employee’s cell phone and Vice Versa.

Extension Forwarding: If you need to be away from office for an extended period of time, but don’t want to miss any call and need someone else to answer calls for you, we can forward it to any another phone number you designate.

Customer Convenience: Call forwarding increases your presence and makes things convenient for your customers. If you have one office, but business is extended for the whole county, you can set up multiple local numbers to be redirected to the main line.

No Location restrictions – Once office hours are over, you can divert (forward) your business phone number’s calls on your mobile phone and be at customers’ service regardless of the location and time.

Enlarged visibility – For smaller businesses and startups, call forwarding can create the appearance of a large corporation with multiple workers.

Lead Generation – With call forwarding, you know that none of your callers will be missed. So when every customer gets their call answered, lead generation happens and along with big return on investments.


Struggling hard to be at customers’ service with huge sales?
Call forwarding is here to save the day!


Call forwarding is the feature that ensures business continuity that eventually leads to a higher customer satisfaction level. Call forwarding helps you tap every opportunity to connect with the customers.

Great customer service is the key to a successful business. Unanswered calls can make a bad first impression to valuable potential customers. Also existing customers will be frustrated if they can’t get timely support.

You don’t want to appear too busy, understaffed, or unwilling to help customers.

With our free call tracking software’s call forwarding feature in place, offsite team members, sales people and executives can easily get calls wherever they may be and keep customer service levels high. 

“A strategic call forwarding system leads to sales-acceleration and a higher level of productivity.”

Constant Connection with Call Forwarding Software

Office – Helps staying constantly in contact with teams & partners and maintaining an optimal level of trust & compliance.

Business – Call forwarding services help keep in touch with clients, make purchases or sales and provide better customer service.

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