“Call Notifications via Email alerts for all inbound customer calls.”

What are Call Tracking Alerts?

A call tracking alert is a email call notification which provides you lead updates instantly for all missed, answered, received calls along with information about call duration, lead source, landing page, etc.

Missed a few calls today? No worries. Our product FreeCallTracking.AI keeps a record of every missed call and sends you “Missed Call Alert” via Push Notifications, so you get a second chance to reconnect with the missed caller… call back and it could be your next lead!

Each business call has the potential to expand your business, multiply your resources, get leads, gather support for your cause …all in all have a huge impact on whatever you’re doing.

This is why each time a call is made to your number, our lead tracking software instantly sends an automated email alert to your registered email address. Reaching out to all those contacts strategically can have a huge impact on your business.

Gauge progress with the count of calls while email notifications keeps track of your callers. Boost your business with our AI Powered Freecalltracking’s Call Tracking Alerts.

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Automated Email Alerts for Constant Customer Connection

FreeCallTracking.ai gets you all updates instantly via automated email notifications about every call received, answered, missed or abandoned… all of which are technically your potential leads. This empowers you to manage your business efficiently. 

“Never miss a call detail, which means you never miss a potential customer.

A record of every inbound call gives you a clear understanding of where your business is going, if it is growing or not, and if it requires any changes. You can sort your mail date-wise or status-wise to measure the outcome of your campaign. 

Email notifications builds for you a repository of customer databases which if used well could have a huge impact on your business.”

Features of Inbound Call Alerts Software (tool):

Call Notifications get you detailed information about every single inbound call right into your inbox. Our Call Tracking Software’s email alerts are vital for business growth because they give you all information about every call.

It shows:

 – Track Caller Contact Number
All incoming call numbers are saved and safely stored for future use.

 – Time & date of the call
Time record lets you know at what times your customers are the most active. Date-wise statistics help you understand if weekends are better for business or weekdays serve the most.

 – Call outcome (answered/missed/abandoned)
Call outcome column tells the tale of your success; listing out all called, answered, missed and abandoned calls at one place. 

 – Source of the lead

Our product tells you which source is getting you the maximum number of leads, henceforth assisting you in choosing the best resource for lead generation.

 – Landing page
The page your customer visited through the source of the lead.

 – Call recording
Our software records all inbound calls which have a host of advantages. 

Advantages of Email Notifications

  • Email allows for instant access of information. 
  • Email storage allows you to quickly reach your entire customer base.
  • It is accessible from anywhere. A notification is all you need to keep track of all updates.
  • Allows for easy referencing. Messages that have been received can be searched through safely and easily. It is a lot easier to go through old email messages using the search option
  • It is simple. It is easy to use. Once your register, you begin getting notified about all calls. 
  • Email is quick. A single click will do the trick and fetch you all required information

Reclaim missed opportunities with Call Notifications

Going through the recorded calls can lead you to find some potential (missed) opportunities. These are those calls that could have become a lead but did not convert on that call. These are very valuable to your business. Use this second chance and turn those unsuccessful calls into customers. 

“Emails are one of the most progressive ways to reach online shop customers.”

Most eCommerce business owners who implement emails in marketing strategy report improved conversion rates. You can use the notification to lead customers directly to the product page. This is a huge advantage for online businesses. This call tracking software allows you to send personalized notifications to your customers, increasing the chance that they’ll follow the link.

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