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How to analyze call tracking metrics via an ROI Dashboard?

An ROI dashboard is a tool that shows us call tracking metrics viz… the caller insights and performance of an advertising campaign through a set of carefully identified and relevant key performance metrics (KPI) according to particular business objectives/processes.


A data dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyses and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of a business, department or specific process.

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Benefits of an ROI Dashboard

  • A visual representation of performance, such as with charts and graphs
  • The ability to identify trends
  • An easy way of measuring efficiency
  • The means to generate detailed reports with a single click
  • The capacity to make more informed decisions
  • Total visibility of all systems, campaigns, and actions
  • Quick identification of data outliers and correlations

Freecalltracking.AI’s main page shows “The Dashboard” which gives a detailed graph of recent calls while the other details occupy the remaining space.

Freecalltracking.AI – The Dashboard

  • Create a new number / campaign
  • Detailed graph of recent calls
  • Count of calls in the last 30 Days
  • Total calls today
  • Total earnings (in terms of leads or business) 
  • A detailed report on Last Ten Calls [listing out: Number, Start Time, Status, Duration and Who Called]
  • Call per campaign
  • Calls Per Campaign In Last 30 Days

Second option in the left panel is “Numbers” – it shows details about:

  • Campaign Name (that fetched the callers)
  • Forwarding Number (call routing number assigned)
  • Country Code (of the caller)
  • Pool Size (count of numbers allotted to the account)
  • Numbers (the numbers allotted)
  • Actions

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Third option in the left panel is “Call logs” which gives information about the “Calls Generated” with details like:

  • Campaign Name
  • Caller Number
  • Status of the call (answered, missed, abandoned, etc.)
  • Start Time (of the call)
  • Name (of the caller)
  • Duration (of the call)
  • Who Called (details of caller)
  • Call Recording (saved called conversation)

Fourth option is detailed profile of Customer name or Agency; it shows:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

You also have the option to edit profile and change password.

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More advanced options of our Free Call Tracking Platform

Users – Shows all users of a particular account along with their names, email addresses, phone number, roles, statuses and actions they approve.

Clients section – Shows the list of companies you manage using this software.

Invoice – If you have purchased a paid plan, then all particulars about it are detailed here.

Plans – Shows information regarding your current subscription and charges.

Company – Shows your current company information with billing details.

Integrations Incorporate our call tracking software into your favourite sales & automation tools.

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