“AI Based Lead Scoring is an artificial intelligence SaaS platform integrated with multiple solutions for predictive lead scoring.”

What is AI Based Lead Scoring?

AI Based Lead scoring is the marketing process whereby a numerical score is attributed to leads based on various factors and behaviors. Essentially, it functions as a way to qualify leads and highlight priorities. Lead scoring, powered by AI, allows you to leverage your best asset.

“FreeCallTracking.AI’s AI Based Lead Scoring helps increase your ROI.”

Sales and marketing teams are beginning to rely more heavily on lead scoring because it saves time and money by helping them focus their time and energy on the most valuable potential customers. 

This analyzes different data points, such as demographics and behavioral data, taken from previous leads in your database. With the help of AI, the tool then learns all  the shared traits between your customers, and similarly, the shared traits between leads that didn’t convert.

Once it has a clearer idea of what factors make up the ideal lead, the algorithm can then automatically score incoming leads, all without having to rely on the outdated point system.

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Benefits of AI Powered Lead Scoring Model

  • It can help work out which agents are performing best, what strategies are leading to conversions and which campaigns are driving the most valuable sales calls.
  • It is especially beneficial in a sales environment as it can help identify which leads are most likely to purchase so that attention can be focused on leads which are more likely to convert into a sale. Scoring is based on a predetermined criterion set around activities and interactions the customer has with your company such as visiting a web page or making a phone call. 

Freecalltracking.AI‘s Lead Scoring model identifies your most qualified leads, lets you track engagement and know who to follow up with. Now talk to your promising leads and close more deals.

“Nurturing your leads until they become clients is the foundation of a profitable marketing activity.”

Our lead generation tool not only helps in lead scoring, but pushes us forward to lead nurturing and finally you get your leads which are potential conversions / sales.

This call tracking feature is a real catch to get real estate leads for realtors, qualified lead generation services for marketers, SEO lead generation for digital advertising companies, outbound call center who strive for lead generation, commission based lead generation agencies, b2b lead generation services, etc.

Advantages of call tracking platform’s AI Based Lead Scoring

  • Identify your warmest leads: As your interaction and engagement history will show you, some leads may be close to buying, while others may be taking their time. With our free marketing tracking software’s lead scoring you can identify your most likely buyers in a single click. Save time for your sales team to sift through the large number of leads stored in the system, for prioritizing work.
  • Score leads on specific parameters: Every business has a set of buyers who are characterized by a unique set of behavioral patterns and are predictable as they travel through the funnel. In Freecalltracking.AI’s lead scoring system, you can score leads on the basis of their interactions – across all channels. You can award points to your leads based on their qualifying criteria. This way, your sales team can both save time, as well as improve productivity.
  • Award separate scores for deals or leads:  Assign scores for an individual lead based on their engagement and interest and rank them according to the score. Otherwise, you can assign a score to an overall deal, based on how imminent the closure is. This is particularly helpful even if your primary contact has been replaced by another.
  • Reduce churn and enhance retention: Our call tracking lead scoring system is not just for leads, it also scores your contacts. Based on the customer’s engagement level with your company, our free call tracking platform shows you when a customer is likely to churn so you can catch those signals before it’s too late. You can quickly see how your contacts are interacting with your business by filtering contacts based on lead score.

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