“DNI detects the online & offline marketing sources that get you leads.”

What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a call tracking feature which tracks sources (unique number) that triggered customer calls from various sources.

Marketing agencies drive traffic to their customers’ websites in many ways, like:

  • Publish paid ads in Google Ads, Bing, and social networks like Facebook.
  • Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Partner up with other publishers (affiliate / influencer marketing).
  • Broadcast it through emails (email marketing)
  • Spend advertising budget through offline (Newspapers) & outdoor channels (Banners).

Understanding which acquisition channels are the most effective requires attribution and this is where DNI, the customer call tracking system, comes in. When a lead clicks through to your website from any advertisement, dynamic number insertion technology displays a number that’s unique to the specific search engine, web page, keyword, or other source the traffic came from.

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Dynamic Number Insertion

How to set up Dynamic Number Insertion [DNI]?

Dynamic number insertion is very easy to set up: You simply need to add a single line of JavaScript code on your website. For attribution purpose, you will have to allocate dynamic phone numbers to different marketing types (or locations, depending on your marketing goals). The JavaScript detects the source and automatically swaps the phone number, allowing you to track where your phone calls are coming from. Once tracking code is added to your website, you’re ready to start tracking calls from your lead sources and record and display the data in your dashboard.

FreeCallTracking.AI’s DNI services

Track calls with DNI: When you sign up with Freecalltracking.AI, your company gets subscribed to a list of phone numbers that are automatically forwarded to your current business phone number – that’s dynamical call routing. The amount of numbers given to your account will depend on the amount of visitors that come to your website. If your number pool needs increasing we receive notifications and add extra numbers accordingly.

How Dynamic Number Insertion works?

Freecalltracking.AI’s Dynamic Number Insertion is a call management tool which helps in call conversion tracking by accurately tracking visitors to your / your client’s website. DNI dynamically replaces the phone numbers shown on your website with a different phone number for each visitor. This way we can track the number when a user calls by the phone number displayed or the one they used to contact you. This pool of numbers is provisioned exclusively for you to be used on your website via our call tracking platform. When concurrent visitors browse your site, each visitor will see a different call tracking number. This number will follow the visitor around the website and will display on the pages that you nominate as landing pages that you want visitors to call from. When the visitor ends their web browsing session, the call tracking number will be available again for another web visitor. Dynamic numbers are available as both standard text numbers and image numbers.

Significance Of Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) is the most sophisticated technology, used by the world’s biggest brands and digital agencies to track phone calls from website visitors. It captures a wealth of data from website visitors and phone conversations that helps marketers:

Benefits of DNI

  • Optimize Your Budget in Real Time
  • Provision Local and Toll Free Numbers
  • No negative impact on website performance
  • No negative impact on SEO
  • Report Social Media ROI
  • Track Channels, Campaigns and Keywords
  • Accurate multi-touch attribution
  • Track calls from ads

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