“Track calls coming from various sources and identify those keywords that drive leads.“

What is Keyword Level Call Tracking?

Keyword level call tracking system gives marketers insights into the traffic analytics right through the sources to the exact keywords that generate calls. When you create a campaign on Freecalltracking.ai to track all the visitors on your website using Dynamic Number Insertion, a pool of numbers is assigned to it. Now when this visitor makes a call on the number displayed on the website (which was swapped using DNI) and visits your website, Freecalltracking.AI can correlate that call with the visitor source and tell you the keyword used. This way you can track calls coming from various sources and also the exact keywords and therefore figure out out which source or keywords are performing better for your business.

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Understanding Keyword Attribution of  Online Call Tracking Platform

“Measure campaign performance through keywords that fetch business with Call Tracking Software

For any search engine, be it Bing or Google, the foundation (in both the organic & paid listing) lies at the keyword level. Choosing the right keyword determines the success or failure of your marketing / Ad campaign and that has a direct connection on the resultant ratio of your investments to your Return on Investments [ROI]. 

Usually most digital marketers track success with metrics like click-through rates and conversion rates but for deeper understanding into the downstream data, you will have to start optimizing based on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Successful conversions are only possible when you have access to such deep statistics. 

  • With all key metrics on your side you can maximize your ROI [Return On Investment] within the allocated budget.
  • Moving forward you can measure marketing progress, generate case studies highlighting various phases of product promotions, perform statistical analysis with real-time reporting to compare turnover ratio.
  • With data readily available you can provide digital expertise on key projects and partner with different teams to deliver efficient and relevant marketing strategies.
  • Additionally you can run marketing campaigns striving for acquisition & retention of our valuable consumer base.

“Measure the ROI from your marketing investment and grow your businesses with our keyword level tracking.”

When analyzing and optimizing PPC campaigns, it is very beneficial to know which keywords trigger calls that become conversions. Keyword Level Attribution tracks your phone calls back to the marketing campaign and to the keyword that generated them. 

“Track your calls back to the keywords that generated them with our AI Powered Keyword Call Tracking Tool”

Importance of AI Powered Keyword Level Tracking

Keyword level call tracking is a keyword attribution tool to analyze your marketing efforts – It tracks and tells you the keyword that the visitor used while searching for your website.

Know the exact keywords that generated calls from the various marketing resources viz., sponsored campaigns (PPC), social media (Organic), search engine optimization (SEO/Google listing) or any other channel with our AI Powered conversion tracking tool: FreeCallTracking.ai

Benefits of call conversion tracking – Keyword Level Tracking

  • You can identify essential details about how they found your site, including the exact keywords they used in their search.
  • You can access the keyword your customer searched for, that led them to your website, no matter if search was organic or paid.
  • Monitoring the most popular keywords driving traffic to your site enables you to target your marketing more effectively.
  • Accurately review your PPC campaigns based on more than just clicks and impressions.
  • Combine call data with form fill data to see which campaigns are working best.
  • Shift your bids & budgets to those keywords & campaigns which are the best.

Keyword Call Tracking helps determine:

  • Who is calling (demographically)
  • Where are they calling from (geographically)
  • When are they calling (most effective time)

“Go beyond which search keywords are driving traffic and see the keywords driving sales.”

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