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The world of legal marketing is relentless. The ad revenue required to transform leads into clients can be prohibitively expensive. Marketing without the right insights is like searching in the dark. Countless hours and resources can be lost to leads that were dead from day zero. It’s time to start marketing intelligently. Good call tracking software can give you the insights you need to finally gain a foothold for your legal firm.

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Call Tracking For Legal Services

How Call Tracking Can Maximize Your ROI

  • Your marketing strategy will fall short if you don’t know where to focus your efforts, even with the best will in the world. FreeCallTracking.ai can track on the specific keywords, ads and promotions that are getting your firm results.
  • Gleaning this information is like removing the blindfold from your process — you’ll know exactly where to dedicate your resources and how to move forward.
  • Our free software analyzes calls in real-time, giving you a complete picture of your progress.

Try FreeCallTracking.ai today and see the results for yourself.

The Key Benefits of Our Call Tracking

  •     Immediate call alerts to help you keep on top
  •     Robust ROI reports to identify specific points of action
  •     Intelligent keyword tracking for laser-focused targeting
  •     Track the causes of customer calls and drive new traffic to your pages
  •      Monitor your calls effortlessly
  •     Access your data wherever you are
Guide Callers Each Step of the Way

Follow individuals closely — from visitor, to lead, to paying client. Gain a robust understanding of what transforms visitors into customers.

Squeeze Every Last Drop Out of Your Ad Revenue

Stop spending money on ads that are dead ends. Make the most out of every single penny you spend on marketing. Use our Google Analytics integration to transform your approach.

Pricing That Fits You

With plans starting at $0, we offer plans flexible enough for virtually any requirements. Get started today.

Our Support is Unparalleled

Our online support center is ready to help the moment you have questions. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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