Call Tracking — The Key to Real Estate Marketing in 2021

If you’re a realtor, you’ll know firsthand how ruthless real estate marketing can be. Funneling a lead from first contact all the way through to a finalized sale can be a long and arduous road. Ad revenue is a critical part of maintaining your reach, but the wrong campaigns can leave you high and dry. With the high volume of calls and inquiries you’re likely to encounter, the business can soon become overwhelming. The solution is call tracking. Our suite of tools is designed to put the reins firmly back in your hands. Regain control of your calls, leads and ROI.

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How Call Tracking Can Rejuvenate Your Real Estate Business

Overwhelmed by your call volumes? Unsure how best to market your business? FreeCallTracking.ai is built from the ground up to take the hassle out of tracking calls and managing leads. We’re by your side every step of the way.

Key Benefits for Realtors:

      Redirect calls seamlessly

      In-depth phone number tracking

      Get a clear picture of which channels are driving conversions

      Learn which leads are worth pursuing and maximize your ROI

      Access your data 24/7

      Incredible customer support

      Monitor calls effortlessly

Cover All Your Bases With Powerful Call Routing

If you manage a sizable portfolio of properties in multiple regions, you may like to use different numbers for each location. With our intelligent call routing software, you can offer your callers a number menu that redirects them where you’d like them to go.

Streamline your caller process and slash your monthly bill.

Call Tracking Phone Numbers Boosts ROI

With FreeCallTracking.ai, you’ll know exactly where each lead is calling from and why. You’ll be able to build up a picture of which channels are driving the most conversions to your business. Get the insights you need to maintain your growth.

Follow Buyers Through Each Step of Their Journey

Incorporate call data into your information pool and uncover the specific steps a caller goes through when becoming a buyer. Pinpoint what works and discard what’s holding you back. Regain your edge with our innovative call tracking software.

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